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Career Specialist

Mr. Kelvin L. Simmons, Career Specialist

Building the Foundation for Success - The 2005 Education and Economic Development Act (EEDA) assist in preparing students for living productive lives in the global 21st century. The implementation of this law is called Personal Pathways to Success, which provides students with the resources to identify, explore, and develop an education plan for their career and employment goals. It combines rigorous academics with relevant career education to assist in seeing the importance of the classroom related to their preparation for entering the workforce.

The starting point of Personal Pathways is Career Clusters. Careers are organized into 16 clusters (see link below). Students take assessments and inventories to learn about their skills, values, and interest. The results are related to their chosen cluster of interest and then explored as the student selects a major.

Students are assisted in creating an Individual Graduation Plan (IGP). The plan guides their academic development through post-secondary education. It lists their courses required for graduation, and electives selected by the student that correlate with their career major. Whether planning to attend a 4 year college, 2 year college, military or going directly to the workforce, the IGP offers a plan. The IGP is reviewed every year and adjusted as determined within a meeting with the counselor, parent and student.