Kevin Wilson » Welcome to the Wonderful World of Art

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Art

Kevin Wilson Bio:
Kevin Wilson is the visual art instructor at Ridgeland Hardeeville High School. Mr. Wilson teaches Art History, Basic, Intermediate, Advance. Mr. Wilson is also coaches football, basketball, and, baseball at RHHS.
Mr. Wilson has taught art and coached in Jasper County for over 23 years. He has taught students from K-12.  He has taught in both Jasper County's communities. Mr. Wilson involvement in both communities, has allow him to be a bridge  between the two communities, bring the children of the two communities together.  Mr. Wilson like to say, " There are no Hardeeville and Ridgeland children there are only Jasper County children." He believe we can accomplish much more together than separated. 
 Master of Science in Education with a specialization  in Leadership in Educational Administration
 Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art Education from Norfolk State University.
Philosophy and Goals
Mr. Wilson believes that all students can develop essential skills and knowledge in the areas of art criticism and art history while enhancing their perceptual skills and creative expression.This is achieved by integrating learning objectives for a comprehensive approach.