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Welcome to the Music Department

September 2018


Greeting from the Music Department of Ridgeland-Hardeeville High,


Create/Compose with Technology in Music

 Ridgeland-Hardeeville High School now more than ever, has the transformative music technology power to strengthen our music classrooms and deepen student educational experiences. With the various district initiatives we are able to keep up with the latest tech trends and keep the focus on music learning outcomes. By using technology to help student create, educators can deepen student understanding in all facets of music and provide a venue to showcase musical creativity.

Cloud-based and collaborative

Flat for Education is designed for our music classroom. We can use it on any device to access and create your musical compositions or music education activities. Flat has a unique collaborative experience: let our students work in real-time on the same sheet music, whether you are in the classroom or working from home.


Save time from the ground up and focus on teaching

Today we are able to follow students' progress and give them feedback in real-time to spend more time teaching and less managing.


At Ridgeland-Hardeeville High School, students in grades 9 through 12 receive music instruction as an elective from a music specialist, each semester 85 minutes per class period. During this time, we work to enhance the units of inquiry of the National Standards for Music Education, and the South Carolina College- and Career-Ready Standards for Visual and Performing Arts Proficiency. The standards assist to motivate learning by showing how to set attainable goals, self-assess, and chart progress by using “I can” statements. Students take ownership of their individual artistic growth. The standards provide examples of learning targets that can be used regardless of age, class level, or content studied. By reviewing daily learning targets and celebrating success, teachers can model behavior that leads students to become independent learners. It provides a clearer understanding of what students need to know to move from one level of proficiency to the next.


For students, the purpose is to:

  1. demystify learning in the arts by simplifying and clarifying the process;
  2. provide clear descriptions of what can be achieved at various proficiency levels and make expectations more realistic; and
  3. offer examples of small, incremental, and achievable goals that learners can use to set personal goals, self-assess, and chart their own progress.

Retrieved October  2017,from http://ed.sc.gov/scdoe/assets/File/Second_Reading_SCVPA_Standards_

In the meantime, and throughout the year, we hope that you will feel free to stop in, visit our school website and click on music, call or email (843-489-8844*Ext 4317) terry.robinson@jcsd.net with any questions you might have about our music program or your child’s progress. I hope that we work together to help your child have his/her very best year ever at Ridgeland-Hardeeville High School.


Sincerely yours,


Terry L. Grant-Robinson, Ed.D.

Music Specialists



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