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Welcome to Art

I have been with the Jasper County School District since 2005.  I commute from Statesboro, Georgia daily.  I look forward to working with each and every one of my students.  I have taught Art I, II, III, and IV and I am also endorsed to teach Gifted and Talented students.



My Philosophy of Teaching


I believe that all students are unique individuals and learn in a variety of ways. I believe that all students need a secure, stimulating, and caring atmosphere in which to learn. I believe that all students need an environment in which they can grow intellectually, physically, emotionally, and socially. It is my goal as an educator to provide all of my students with an environment that will allow them to reach their fullest potential in all of the above areas. I believe that students should be allowed to grow by taking risk within the learning environment, thinking outside of the box, sharing ideas, and working both within group and individual settings.


In order to establish the proper environment for a student to learn, I believe that I as a teacher must be conducive to a certain environment. First, I must act as a guide and mentor to the students. In doing so, I assist the students in learning to search out information from other sources rather than using me as the ultimate source. I also must provide the students with hands on activities, the proper space, time and materials in order for them to discover new material and to learn how to construct their own knowledge. 


Secondly, I believe that students should be allowed to explore their natural curiosity in order to direct his or her learning. I must develop a curriculum that is based on the student’s individual interest in order to foster motivation and stimulate the passion for learning. Students should be given an opportunity to work in both group and individual activities so that they may master certain skills and reach their ultimate goal of learning and achieving knowledge.


Finally, I believe that respect for all people and all things should be promoted within the class room environment. I believe that students will develop a deep love and respect for themselves, others, and their environment when they are given the opportunity to have their voices heard. Also, I believe they feel more secure in their environment when they know what is expected of them academically, socially, and behaviorally.   When students know what is expected of them, when rules are fair and consistent, and when the importance of every activity is expressed and implemented, students will naturally learn to respect, the environment, others, and themselves.


As an educator, I hope to always instill the love of learning into my students. I also wish to portray my excitement and passion for working with children as well as my passion for my field of expertise. I want my students to not only receive a solid education but to be aware of the fact that I am passionate about their individual needs. I want to be the very best educator that I can possibly be.


Recent Posts

Report Cards/Parent Teacher Conferences

Reminder to parents and students:  Tuesday March 26 is a half day for students and parent conferences will be held from 1-5 pm.  

Field Trip this Friday March 1, 2019

Third block students and a few other students from other classes will be going on a field trip to the Morris Museum of the Lowcountry in Ridgeland South Carolina on Friday March 1, 2019.00.  The art work of South Carolina Artist Jonathon Green will be on display.
Students:  Remember to bring in your permission forms by Thursday morning.  You will need 10.00 for lunch.  The trip is free.