RIDGELAND-HARDEEVILLE HIGH SCHOOL Amazed by the Zuzu African Acrobats

.  IThe Zuzu African Acrobats perform traditional Kenyan acrobatic skills set to high energy beats. The group originated in Mombassa, Kenya. They have performed in over 25 countries over the past ten years, including Australia, China, Korea, France, Italy and Spain. They have been performing in America since 1999 and have received rave reviews from critics and audiences alike.

n America they are used to open tours of recording stars and televised award ceremonies. Everyone, it seems, raves about these six (6) guys from Kenya.   What's the secret to their success? No one has ever seen traditional variety arts and circus skills done African-style. The show is like a high energy dance act, part Cirque du Soleil, part Harlem Globetrotters, which is, above all, fast paced and full of energy.

 Ridgeland-Hardeeville High School students were fortunate to have the group perform.  From circus-style acts to an upbeat engaging performance, the atmosphere was electric. 

 “From the beginning until the end-it was exciting! I actually was a little nervous thinking they were going to crash to the floor but their routine was choreographed so well that they maintained balance,” replied Senior Shanovia Tolbert.  The Zuzu African Acrobats engaged and used the audience in various portions of the program.  Student participants and staff members did the LIMBO which caused the crowds to get excited after watching their peers and staff members show their acrobatic skills. Special Services Staff member Glynda Barner was the ultimate performer as she cleared the LIMBO rope with a unique move.  Barner commented, “I loved the performance because it showed creativity and it also spoke volumes of what young people can do if they put their minds to it.”

 RHHS staff members were impressed with the group.  The Zuzu African Acrobats very appealing and had talents unlike any other in the area of acrobatics. The critics of Ridgeland-Hardeeville High School gave them a 5 star rating.  

 Dr. Karen G. Parker, the school’s Principal, reached out to the performers a few months back. She thought it would be a great booster as students prepare for final exams. She mentioned it to the PTSA president, Ms. Alfreda Mikell and the Vice President, Ms. Torrain White at the last meeting. The PTSA wanted to do something for the students so they offered to cover the expense. Ms. White was able to attend the event and present the group with the check. “The show was awesome. I think the adults enjoyed it just as much as the students. I am truly grateful for our PTSA. They are small in number but they work hard. Hopefully, on next year, we will have more willing parents to join our PTSA,” said Principal Parker.