Dr. Paula Murphy » WELCOME!!!! BIENVENIDAS!!!!


Welcome to the 20-21 academic year where we are experiencing uncharted water that will provide us with a different and exciting way of teaching and learning,  My name is Dr. Murphy and I am excited to be teaching with Jasper County School District. I come to you with a wealth of knowledge and experience and I am ready to share my gifts. I am a veteran educator and have been serving students, parents, and communities for over 22 years as I advocate for an equitable education for all students regardless of their ethnicity, learning ability, or social status. I have served as a classroom teacher, Master teacher, and an Instructional Coach throughout my educational career. I have taught in both middle and high school in several disciplines including math and science. I am currently teaching Integrated Science as I prepare students for Biology and Chemistry. I have a Bachelor of Science in Biology with a minor in Chemistry from South Carolina State University. Also, I have earned a Masters of Arts degree in Curriculum and Instruction from Phoenix University.  My educational journey also includes earning both my Ed.S. and Ed.D from Liberty University in Educational Leadership. In addition, I have a Gifted and Talented Endorsement and I also obtained my Leadership certification from Lamar University.
I am very passionate about STEM education and my teaching practices includes hands-on learning, project-base learning, integrating technology, and bridging  a variety of disciplines in the learning environment. I have attended summer institutions for STEM training at both the Citadel and USC.  My diverse background in education has afforded me the opportunity to teach many types of learners from all over the world. I also foster a global prospective in the learning environment in which everyone is given an opportunity to express their opinion and peers are expected to listen and respond in a respectable manner. I look forward to joining you on this new and exciting learning journey where you will be challenged and explore how science is pHun!!!!!!I  My personal motto is Live it! Love it! Learn it!