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I would like to welcome all of you my website.

My name is Mr. Coccia (ko-sha).

During the 2017/18 school year I will be teaching U.S. History, Government, and Economics. I have been employed by Jasper County Schools for 7 years and I honestly can say that I have enjoyed each and every one of those years. I have made some great connections with the students and the staff at RHHS. 

I am also a history professor at the University of South Carolina Beaufort (USCB) campus and I am entering my second year of instruction at USCB.

I currently teach U.S., and European history at USCB, and will most likely add Modern Asia to my course offerings in the summer of 2018 .

My family and I relocated to the “Low Country” from Tennessee where I earned my Bachelor’s degree from the University of Tennessee, Chattanooga, TN, graduating Magna Cum Laude from the Social Science Department. I majored in History, minored in geography and education. I also hold a Master’s degree in history from the Wayland Baptist University, Plainview, TX. 

I look forward to working with the 2017/18 students and  I am certain that we will obtain great successes together.


Recent Posts

Welcome Back

I have been welcoming back all students today, I must add that they seem a little tired from their very active spring break 2018.
I've had some students who were more than willing to share their experiences and others as I've said, seem to be a little tired. 
The bottom line is, we are back to school and we are actively engaged in the teaching of history. We opened chapters 27 and 28 PowerPoints and videos today, and soon we will begin reviewing for the upcoming history EOC.
My 1st period Economics/Government class will open with chapter 3 tomorrow, and learn about depreciation and other aspects of their personal decisions, that truly do affect our nations economy.

Spring Break 2018

Yes, we are finally on spring break students have worked hard and they (you) are about to enter a period of non-stop information. So, be supportive to one another, and we can and will reach out goal of 70% or higher as our U.S. history  EOC exam continues to draws near.
We will be knocking out chapters 27 through 34 in the next few weeks, which will give us about 2/12 to 3 weeks of solid review time.
So, rest up and come back ready to absorb as much detail as you possible can...but for now, be safe and I really mean that, be safe and I'll see you all in a week.
-Prof. Coccia 

World War II Begins

This week we will begin study of World War II.
I will be showing in class several videos that will demonstrate some of the atrocities caused by by Adolf Hitler and the Germany people against not only the Jews, but other humans that they deemed unfit to be a part of the human race. 
Additionally, I will show exerts of the blockbuster movie Saving Private Ryan.
Finally, we will continue taking notes from my powerpoint presentations and student will most certainly enjoy and be delighted to listen to the lecture materials that I present this week in class. 

Weekly events update

Hello to all,
This week we will be pushing the course material a little bit as we try to get ahead of our upcoming spring break. That said, the economic class will be working on finishing their chapter 2 PowerPoint and lecture material. 
My U.S. history classes will wrap up chapter 26 and then prepare for their examination on chapters 25 and 26. 
A word to the wise: U.S. History will be issued their End of Course Exam on May 24th. I have already advised your students to begin to prepare for the exam by reading their notes and reviewing chapter exam study guides.

Economics began last week

Last week we officially made the change from Government instruction to Economics. Both of these course are based on quarters or 9 weeks of instructional time. T
his week the students will taking their first examination and watching the movie The Island. 
The idea behind showing the Island, is student will gain a better understanding on how government intervention combined with producing a good in this case a colon of a humans who need or potentially will need body parts. No worries there is nothing graphic shown in this movie.
We will continue with our PowerPoints and move onto chapter 2 material once by Tuesday March 27, 2018.

US history lectures via Mr. Tom Richey

Hello to all,

This is your March 19th, 2018 update for all of my US History students:

As I said in class and as I posted on my website last week, we are rapidly moving towards the end of the school year. With that said, I am providing to you a very special website. This website is created by Tom Richey and it shows a series of informative and useful lectures and videos to help you prepare for the state sponsored End of Course Examination.

So without delay here is the link: Once you go to his site, follow the prompts and click on US history EOC. Pay close attention and you will find that Mr. Richey is providing to you everything that we have covered in our US History class.

So, get busy and get involved in the process.

Parents, this is a great time for you to become involved in your student(s) academics as you can and will be able to ask specific questions to them as you too engage in watching these lectures. 

I’ll be back next week with more exciting information and another surprise link or two that will help you pass the 2018 South Carolina History End of Course Exam, which if you did not know will be issued on May 24, 2018.


Mr. Coccia