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TECH Support

Technical Support | Programmable Power & VTI Instruments
Access video tutorials below for common electronic tools to use during instruction and assessments. It is essential to stay up to date on e-learning strategies. Familiarize yourself with the following guides to increase efficacy this academic year. 




Turning in Assignments on Teams


Assignments in TEAMS Video

  • Find assignment details in Teams
  • Add work (your new submission) to an assignment
  • Use the correct filename template for a new submission
  • Choose a file type for a new submission
  • Use parts of an assignment that should be included in a new submission
  • Review attached assignment rubrics before submission
  • Turn in an assignment

Access Your Grade


Accessing Grades in TEAMS video

  • Open Chrome.
  • Navigate to school web site.
  • Find student links.
  • Access PowerSchool link.
  • Login to Office 365.
  • Review grades

Annotate PDFs in Adobe Acrobat Reader or PDF Escape Online


Annotating PDFs Video

  • Upload or open a document in Adobe Acrobat Reader or PDF Escape
  • Type onto a PDF document
  • Highlight on a PDF document
  • Add comments to a PDF document

Format a Word Document (APA)


Setting Up Paper in APA Video

  • Login to Office 365.
  • Access OneDrive app.
  • Create a class folder. (Use correct year.)
  • Create a document in your class folder.
  • Use correct filename formatting.
  • Select correct font.
  • Select correct font size.
  • Set text alignment.
  • Set line spacing options.
  • Use standard heading format.
  • Connect to the real-world standard.
  • Center an assignment title.
  • Return to left alignment.
  • Use the tab button to indent.

Create a Point of View Story Board


Creating a Story Board Video

  • Understand the activity directions.
  • Use the activity graphic organizer.
  • Access online story board creator at
  • Draw characters.
  • Add dialogue.
  • Use appropriate pronouns.