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2021-22 Annual Food Drive

Food drives are a great way to raise awareness about hunger in your community and encourage others to help. The ability of food drives to provide people in need with essential food and commodities depends mostly on donations from individuals and other charitable organizations. It is truly a product of collective effort that the RHHS SGA sponsored the Thanks (for) Giving Food Drive lead by Mrs. Velayuthan, her team (Ms. Mervin, Ms. Garvin, and Mr. Smiley), and students of RHHS. Also huge thanks to Mr.Kelly Barr, RHHS Prinicpal, for allowing us to conduct this Food Drive.


This Project involved meeting and working together, setting goals, project management, ongoing development and team building. The Food Drive lasted from November 4th to November 19th. Every student donated at least two non-perishable goods, which was collected in their first Block classes. We are very proud of our students’ kindness and their enthusiasm to such a great cause. The class with the most goods will receive a Pizza party for the week of December 1st 2021.


The SGA invested their time and efforts in making this project successful. Our goal was to collect at least 5oo non-perishable goods. We have surpassed the initial target and collected 1044 can goods within two weeks. RHHS SGA appreciates the Jaguar family for their contribution; whether one or 500, it makes a difference in someone's life. All donations were contributed to the Low Country Food Bank, who were tremendously impressed by this project and thanked the school for allowing the SGA to reach out to the community.  The RHHS SGA is excited about several projects planned for the remaining school year, facilitated through SGA and Principal Cabinet meetings. Individual commitment to a group effort -- that is what makes a teamwork, awesome job RHHS and thanks for your dedication!